BattleTech: BattleCorps Anthology V1 - The Corps Paperback

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The great Star League general, Aleksandr Kerensky. Colonel Archer Christifori, a man with a score to settle. Neilson Geist, on Christmas patrol. MechWarrior Joanna of Clan Jade Falcon. A Sandoval scion. An eleven-year-old girl. Northwind Highlanders. A prisoner of war. They all have two things in common.A universe torn apart by unending warfare.A mission, to stand up against the darkness.This compilation contains a selection of eighteen of 2004`s best fiction pieces, as well as an all new story about young Kerensky by Loren L. Coleman! Includes stories by your old favorite BattleTech authors: Randall N. Bills, Loren L. Coleman, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Robert Thurston, and Michael A. Stackpole as well as stories by new favorites: Ilsa J. Bick, Dan Duval, Jason M. Hardy, Kevin Killiany, Steven Mohan, Jr., Louisa M. Swann, and Phaedra M. Weldon!